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Catalog #: 33
Photo by Jon Barber

Pacific Puffins (Spring Plumage) Reassembled Ring Teapot

17" tall x 13" wide x 4" deep

The first animal I sculpted, using a series of "anatomically correct" Roger Tory Peterson drawings from our bird guidebook, was done about 1992, an Atlantic Puffin perched on a closed-form box. A photo of this “puffin box” can be seen on the 3rd page of my November 1995 Ceramics Monthly article, “Teaching In The Studio,” available in the “Articles” section of this web site. I returned to puffin sculpting in 1996, soon after I made my first reassembled hollow ring teapot, the “Keel-Billed Toucan Reassembled Hollow Ring Teapot.” Pacific Puffins roost and breed in the spring in colonies on islands off the west coast of North America, and spend the balance of the year on the open waters of the Pacific Ocean. Their beaks are more brightly colored during spring mating season, and their distinctive “eye horns” stick up sharply during this time. The males gather fish from the sea and bring them in their beaks to the females incubating the eggs or guarding the nestlings in shallow tunnels dug into the sea cliffs. I tried to give a feeling for the steep cliff-side nesting colonies, with crowds of puffins perching on every available rock and overhang,, in this teapot composition. I chose a matt blue-gold glaze for the teapot body to imply the open ocean habitat of these handsome and hardy seabirds.

This teapot is held in a private collection in Washington, DC.

In addition to my unique reassembled ring teapots, my partner Susan Nykiel and I also make a wide range of functional and elegant pottery pieces. Please visit our new online store at oakbluffspottery.etsy.com to see what we have to offer! This is an excellent place to shop for beautiful handmade pottery for your own home or for your gift-giving pleasure.

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